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Idea is to make upgrade process to TensorFlow 2.0 of your Jupyter notebooks even easier!
Started as a conversation on Twitter:

I mean ipynb has json structure. Do you feel we should extend the converter? I am happy to contribute :)

— Sergii @ 🔜 #TFDevSummit (@lc0d3r) January 21, 2019


Just replace with For example, you would like to upgrade you would need to replace url to Example


Alternatively, you can simply use a Bookmarklet for this. Feel free to drag this one 👉 TF2up
You can manually add a bookmarklet based on the code below. Just encode the code with encodeURI in your browser console. javascript:(function(){*github\.com\/(.*)/,'\$1'));})() Now, once you visit a GitHub repository with ipynb notebook, you can just click on the bookmarklet.
Next, you are going to be redirected to page with a diff, showing the difference between original notebooks and a converted one.


How it works

This project is standing on the shoulders of giants: Notes


The service was developed after work and on weekends by Sergii Khomenko
If you Please reach out or simply tweet at me Tweet to @lc0d3r
I am planning to open source the code, so stay tuned for the updates.


Thanks to all amazing people, that in one or another way helped this project: