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The idea

Idea is to make upgrade process to TensorFlow 2.0 of your Jupyter notebooks even easier! Started as a conversation on Twitter:

How to:

Just replace with, i.e.,...


Change to:
See Example


Alternatively, you can simply use a Bookmarklet for this. You can manually add a bookmarklet based on the code below. Just encode the code with encodeURI in your browser console.

Or drag this one

Now, once you visit a GitHub repository with ipynb notebook, you can just click on the bookmarklet. Next, you are going to be redirected to page with a diff, showing the difference between original notebooks and a converted one.

How it works

This project is standing on the shoulders of giants:

We cache files on the server, so if you have updated GitHub source, we can still show you old content


The service was developed after work and on weekends by Sergii Khomenko. If you

Please reach out or simply tweet at me


Thanks to all amazing people, that in one or another way helped this project: